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insight (single tracks edition)

by Elleven

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paintelectric Though their next album, Transfiction is a bit stronger, this album is clean relatively simple neo-prog . What makes it interesting is Julia Graf's vocals. They're not virtuoso but she conveys a sense of emotional sincerity.
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all alone 06:28
feel the heat deep inside of me / blisters on my soul / there’s no place where I could go / down the streets in a foreign land / my feet know the way / to a begining or to an end? // all I’ve ever known is just blown away / all I’ve ever needed is a prayer to pray // is it love that could lift me up / is it a fight to build me up / is it a spell to make this stop / I’m all alone… // I have my doubts, wear myself down / feel like out of control where is an open door? / the tar’s black and wet, lights are swallowed up / need a miracle there to come / I just feel like I’m down to one // all I’ve ever needed is just blown away / all I’ve ever sought is a game I could play // [rep.chorus] // all I’ve ever needed is to trust in me / all I’ve ever sought is a chance to believe // Looking for light but there is none / although my own life’s just begun / I know I’m not the only one but I’m all alone / I need love to lift me up / I need some help to make this stop / I need a door to be opened up / I’m all alone…
coming home 05:45
take my hand just come in and I’ll show you things you’re looking for / leave your bag full of doubts here in my room behind this door / have no fear, trust in me, like you trusted your mother once before / I’ve been waiting just for you, you’ve been stranded on a native shore // you’re all alone, you need a place to be // just one second I looked back, turned around and followed her voice / she was just too beautiful / and the blisters on my soul were not aching any more / felt like I was coming home // I need a place I could call my home / just a place so safe and warm / hold out your hand and take me to your side / I’d give all for your lovely smile / I’m in a daze, I feel so torn / is this a journey through the growing dawn / I drop my anchor and look around / is this true life that I have found? // my heart aches, loosing faith, I feel cold and lost in this entrance hall / all those steps to these doors to those names I’ve never heard before / and I think to myself that I have to go this way right now / my feet stickin’ to the ground, in my prisoned mind theres no way out // Is this my way, a way to break free / is this my home or my destiny / are you a friend or an enemy?/ open my eyes I just can’t see / I’ve lost my dreams, I’ve lost my world / it feels like I have lost it all / my memory — left on the streets to roam / I’m all alone, I’m coming home // I turned around, the girl’s away / but she left a little message: / to find out who you are / and to claim your baggage / open up some of these doors, / every name has kept a secret / and a whisper on the phone: / "I’m coming home"
losing sight 06:11
this house is like a cavern, the lights small and murky / I still feel cold and I move like a child / a door’s standing open — clear tracks for beginners / looking into a face and thought it was mine // the room full of mirrors and the door slapped behind me / a million voices asking a million questions about me / a showmaster takes me and shows me to my seat / gambling with my life and the rules are all clear // you’re here tonight / find out more ’bout your life / cause you’ve lost sight / but there’s no reason to hide / here tonight / solutions for your mind / they tell the truth, this show was made for you // a firework’s flashing and the stage becomes dark now / mirrors change into screens and the voices change, too / latest news on the tv, the world is in trouble / and the screens start to bleed — conviction or doom? // you’re here tonight / desire deceives your mind / just open up your eyes / and take a look outside sometimes / freethinking not only blind / tear down these walls inside / just listen to your soul
grow 05:39
a flower in my hand is the only gift I get from the show / the colour is faded, it’s broken and dry but it’s been born to show more / I don’t know its name but the beauty I see is mysterious and clear / It’s only a gift but I can see more, holding back tears // climb up the stairs, see her waiting just for me / with a dirty apron and her orange hair she looks like a freak / with an absent mind, scissors in her hand, she takes my gift away: / I can help you my dear, just don’t be afraid // your soul is a flower in my hand / just give you some water and you will understand / how to grow again / cut all these old leaves and turn to the light / believe in yourself / You’re longing for your summertime // her little room’s coloured by million flowers in every corner / she takes some of them, makes up a bouquet with my little flower / yellow and red, some of blue, green and black like a rainbow it shines / she gives me the bunch and it will become mine // My soul is a flower in your hand / just give me some water and I will understand / how to grow again / cut all these old leaves and guide me to the light / give me all I need / I’m longing for my summertime // don’t have to choose any colour, I just need some light to grow / don’t want to choose any colour, cause life is so colourful // My soul is a flower in your hand / just give me some water and I will understand / how to grow again / cut all these old leaves — guide me to the light / give me all I need / I’m longing for my summertime
escape 04:17
check my face and hair, is my dress just sharp enough? / feel the beat on the floor, and my voice is getting rough / I feel desired but nobody noticed me / just a masquerade — invisible I feel / should I stay or should I go? // many times I thought about my friends / they’re so far away but they take me the way I am / this people here are many miles away / there’s no need to talk, there’s no need to stay / but once they shout my name out loud… // Do you feel isolated? / desperate and hated? / you just can’t escape / we wanted you to come / tell us all of your dreams / tell us what they all mean / we need all your love / we can’t get enough // Is this the price, the price I’ll have to pay / if I give up my life for money and for fame / the chance is small but if this day once come / would I give up my friends, my love, my home / how I’d wish your answer is: hold on… // cause I feel isolated / desperatly hated / without a friend by my side / I’m the only one / need your love just to live / your power, your kiss / just stand by my side / you’re a part of my life // you are always by my side, / you touched my soul invsibly that night / many times I forgot, to write a mail, to make a call / you’re my net if I should fall, you’re in my mind, my heart, my soul // [rep. chorus] // I hold you deep in my heart and this song is a part of you
hide 05:53
the city sleeps now / my mind’s awake / illuminating / the shades / of my soul, my soul // the sky is closer / than it appears / a raindrops kissing / the heart of my tears // a hide-away / the last to blame / my love’s insanity / stand the pain of feeling sane / please throw back the stones / please show me a way back home // talking to myself / don’t understand / the meaning’s different / of what I expect to pretend / I deny things about me // what do I mean by / loving me / what have I expected / I could or should be // but I can’t hide / a sky full of stones / one by one / coming down / a melting heart / in the burning dark / can’t stand the shame, can’t stand the pain / of loving me
remember 07:21
with a pocket full of stones I close the door, chilled to the bones / languid but proud / then I smell a childhood dream, warm and sweet vanilla cream / feel so good somehow // the door is misted up by steam, the doorbell’s old, the floor is cleaned / I here her shuffling moves / then I look right in her eyes and my soul begins to smile / cause I’ve found my truth // feel so beloved, I feel so welcome / it seems, like I have turned back time / sheltered, understood and cared for / a flash back, my eyes begin to shine // in the kitchen face to face, we’re talking bout the years and days / and she takes my hand / and she leaves her mould of skin, I would give everything / to meet her again // should I cry or should I smile now / should I remember what remains / still need your love can’t buy another / loving and beloved is not the same // I still remember all the good days / I still keep you in my heart / you’re still around me, tryin’ to reach you / but I know, everything will fall apart // anytime, anytime, I still need you anytime, I remember you anytime / but I say goodbye to the old days
promise 05:55
sitting on the stairway, a ticket-seller sells me / a key for the lovesick-room where your heart is only full of gloom // all those letters, all those phone-calls in the night / you cheated me without a feeling, I have lost without a fight // I turn the key and listen to our songs, I find some photos in a trunk / a closet full of memories, but only mine not "you and me" // only talking, only hanging on to more / all those tries just for a smile, just to keep the score…// looked out for the best to come, but I knew I’d never won / everything was just a false and cold-eyed smile, / was a promise you’ll stay always by my side, by my side / all those walls inside your mind, all those thirsty, hopeless tears that I’ve cried / just too much for your narrow-minded life / it’s just your easy way out — hiding from your mind // so sweet, tender lies, so easy just to say "not now…" // you will never know, time just may show, you’ll never know what’s your way to go // I take the photos and I’ll put them in the fire / and when they burn I’ll feel this funeral desire / just to bring back all those feelings I have thrown away / just to bring back all the love to make you wanna stay
open doors 06:10
the wind has swept the ashes away and my crawling heart stands up / the air smells fresh, the pain has stopped / the rooftop is not far away and I start climbing up the stairs / not sure what I might find out there // standing on the isle of air the clouds turn to searchlights / then I start to realize they’re looking out for me / revolving round a field of doors they’re tryin to catch me / feelin like a refugee on the flight across the sea // the secret is behind these doors (you run from your life — but there’s no reason to hide) / and I don’t know which one to take / cause everybody’s calling me — (just stop to lie and start to realize) / too many choices there to make // the roof is like a carousel my soul needs a recast / our future is your secret past / examine your dusty memories and your subconscious mind / the answer’s buried deep inside // I am looking for a way to find out the right one / but everyone is showing me another open door / it’s hard to make a choice out there cause everyone is calling / from the other side — I feel like being pushed to the wall // the secret is behind these doors (you run from your life — but there’s no reason to hide) / and I don’t know which one to take / cause everybody’s calling me — (just stop to lie and start to realize) / too many choices there to make // a block of stone just cannot roll — flying birds are not there to crouch / feel like an old dunkey that has to run like a horse / a withered flower that has to bloom like a rose / but I can’t change the truth and I can’t change the rules / the only way out is to go through these doors / so I take a run-up no reason to stop / the handle’s near // the secret is behind these doors (just push the door, it’s your way up from the floor) / no matter which one I’ll take / the first step is the hardest one (the way is long but your heart is strong) / but the best one I could make / the puzzles fixed, there’s no more risk / behind these open doors / I feel so strong, I find my way to walk on / through open doors
last signs 06:53
my eyes are blind, my body’s numb / smell the blood on my cold lips / the borders blur, love lifts me up / to fight with dragons of my memories // I keep on diggin’ into my soul / and let the blisters burst / I’m feelin numbly freed / all my senses paralyzed, I’m gettin into deep // you know — this dream is gettin really weird / you know — the only way out of here (I can see your hand) // I’m caged although I broke the chains / and found so many keys / a revelation made for / prayers that could not made before / and still the thornbush’s burning / and still the flames are yearning / for my broken heart // you know — this dream is gettin really weird / you know — the only way out of here (give me your hand) // a soul delirium to make me weak / made by the power of the love I seek / now I’m wakin up lickin my wounds / I feel fulfilled by what I’ve found out
insight 03:52
you put out the flames and let me see the beauty inside / you put back a strand of hair and look deep in my eyes / like a blueprint soul, like a cryptical muse // you cut all knots, you’ve opened up a way to your own truth / no more betrayal and no more lies, insight it’s only you // look out on the street, you can go your own way / your bags are packed, there’s no more reason to stay // you found your truth, you found out even more / that anybody could teach to you / you need no doubts, you do it on your own / everyones unique soul is kept deep insight // I take my bags and close the door, step out, breath in easily / troubleshooting my mind and soul, I feel the sun warming up my skin // face to face, only mirrors can show / heart to heart, she won’t leave me alone // I looked insight and was in trouble deep / but I’ve found the key insight of me / I can see clearly now what’s up with me / I don’t need a miracle cause I start to believe / deep insight, insight


the single tracks from our first album insight. the album edition with blending tracks will be uploaded soon!


released November 30, 2007

music: Elleven · lyrics: J. Graff


all rights reserved



Elleven Neuss, Germany

Elleven was founded in 2001, from former "Chandelier" drummer Tom Jarzina, Stephan Scholz and Julia Graff. Soon after we were joined by Armin Riemer (keys, "Brainside") and Carsten Hütter (git). In 2007 we released our first album "insight" together with bassist Roger Weitz (Flying Circus).
At the moment we’re working on our second album together with a new drummer – Herry Rubarth (Chandelier)
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